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lil misfortune | prismworld.

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Track Name: Mourningflow (prod. by gosuto)
looking as grim as billy and mandy
these drugged out rappers will never pass me
too much xanex in their system
if you fuck with me not even God will miss you
a couple days til destruction and i bet you i will be the only nigga on this fucking planet
cut your legs off while your forced to listen to this shit since you say you can't stand it
got me feeling like arima nobody can fuck with me shit deal with it
feeling ghoulish with that kagune i'll leave looking like tragedy
took your bitch and left her in a bloody fantasy
acting like you clueless as if you didn't see this aura dripping off my body
pull up with the 12 gauge shotty
leave you laying lifeless in a random lobby
acting like you didn't feel the coldness from my skin
look me in my eye and tell me if you see the evil within
hope you know you hopeless
looking like the definition of soulless
manic thoughts running rampant in my mind
burning down a house that was deteriorated
You decide put me on a pedestal like i wanted to be want to be celebrated
those that need to be enlightened forever wander in the dark
their mind is convoluted, so I rip out their heart
creeping where the locusts swarm
Just a another motherfucker that reached his final form
lay low then i hit him with the chloroform
Track Name: Chromium w/ Howl Castel (prod. by mana)

a man who lost his mind decided to take a walk in the woods
he met a random goddess and she said sir i don't think you should
he didn't listen so he started seeing visions of his childhood
this is story of a man's humanity who has been misunderstood
we don't sound alike peep the fucking nuance
feeling spiritual as i spit this seance
check the cadence
stop acting like i'm your acquaintance
breathe for a little, now continue to choke like these rappers i guess they all fainted
everyday i wake up with a mind full of mischief
i came up with no assistance
now it's just me and brothers killin' shit with the quickness
relentless when i let every sentence haunt you
this bitch had the nerve to lie so i made her commit seppuku
back at it
with the savage rapping
yung hiroshima when i'm attacking
it be that flagrant packing
with the blade dripping souls like water
bastard from the underworld
rap game slaughter bitch

howl castel

born to be a psychedelic motherfucker i be all up in my brain
fucking with my inner ambition now i'm busting all up in my frame
bitch you gonna feel my pain
had to come dropping the flame
you hearing my music and now you influence you'll never ever be the same
i can't believe all the lies that they feeding the masses
had to get out of them classes
started bumping with my homies
now we travel around the country
killin' a show and i'm building the dough
had to go and get on the road
the money is calling
and i am not stalling so bitch i be up in my mode
minds analytical
beyond the physical
i'm hearing your music
you sounding so simple bitch
i should just plead the fifth
nah fuck it
i came bring out the ruckus
i'm done with all of you puppets
the earth is spinning in orbits
i got no remorse for these robots
we're dead walking corpses
Track Name: Trichiliocosm (prod. by Alchem)
whenever i spit it's a breath of fresh of air
whenever you spit you just pollute the whole atmosphere
give no fuck about a consequence
hit him with the hand of a god he thought he was heaven sent
he can't get up
call me yung life alert
leave a nigga slumped
for the life of me i cant figure why these niggas think that they are doing everything first
you are not the originator you just a damn faker
simple carbon copy of some bullshit
bitch i'm chilling on porch
looking like a young patrick bateman
fuck being famous
i'm busy trying to be nameless
my social anxiety doesn't allow this shit
so if a nigga try to fuck with me he getting hit
snowfall on my mind thoughts are frozen
bitch I'm sippin' the potion
moving in slow motion
with the birds eye view like it's assassin's creed
no simple minded nigga can fuck with me
now this parking lot is looking narrow
run up on me and your eye can meet this bow and arrow
prism engraved on my mind and heart
always receiving information
never think in the dark
and i'm coasting in the shadow realm like the pharaoh
meditating while corpses lay around me
on the mic i spit solarbeams
feeling sedated
fuck your information
i don't give a fuck what you have to say bitch my time is wasting
lock you in three thousand worlds bitch
where death will be infinite
you cannot escape unless there is a fucking glitch
fuck with me and i'll leave you in a ditch
so don't ever think you the shit
Track Name: Red Clouds (prod. by negative)
creeping in night
young nigga lurking looking like a dark knight
cruisin' in the streets looking miraculous
simple niggas can't comprehend my vernacular stature
katana deep in your brain cavity
pull it out and walk away and watch you decay
the Chronicles of a man who singlehandedly killed his own humanity
hope you ready for the insanity
your too weak and that shit is outlandish to me
bitch i was born in the hyperbolic chamber
bumpin 36 chambers
fuck out of my inner sanctum
all the flame i spit is kindled
meaning you can't fuck with it
jujitsu kicking in your temple the damage is prolific
hop out the regal
with the desert eagle
bullet pierce your scalp leave you looking like a bald eagle
show you who a savage
more than rapping
we can make it happen
hope you know its more to this shit than fashion
imagine how tragic
i make these niggas look when i step on the scene
told her you not fucking with a lame when prismboyz the team
Track Name: Now We're Talking w/ $uavé (prod. by BYOU$)

pussy nigga you a walking a lick
i was born from the pits
you not intimidating shit
i am the glitch and whatever needs to be fixed
these rappers are a nuisance
come close to me and i might just lose it
i don't rap i just speak with a tone of despair
guillotine droppin' heads flying in the air
i really don't care what the fuck a nigga thought
like i give a shit what you wear and what you fucking bought
yung flesh wound cut a nigga up leave his body in sewer
public suicide shouts out to budd dwyer
conspiracy theory will leave you jumping out of buildings
you don't fuck with my music i'm kicking you the fuck out of my four seat
i am not a rapper i am king
prismboyz on the rvz we getting the cream, bitch


prismboyz on the rvz we getting to the cream
creeping and lurking
and searching for certain
never no frontin'
that 12 guage be pumpin' and slumpin'
my trap always jumpin'
sesh with the set
i'm the young vet
killing this shit with the yung flesh
grippin' the tech
never take threats
we aim at your neck
chasing the cream by any means
roll up the green
a-r with the green beam
bust you in your spleen
i extort the dope
strictly coke
never snort
i just dab
trippin' off them tabs
psilocybin got my mind in them astral planes
boy you a lame
you can't fuck with this flame
shout out to yung $uave
Track Name: Everything is Fruitless At This Point (prod. by gin$eng)
bitch don't talk to me like you above me
creepin' in the fog ready to let my fiends out
don't give you fuck what you talking about
bitch fuck your clout
hitstick with that combo
uppercut a fuck nigga if he wanna talk shit
don't give a fuck all my niggas buck
underground passages filled with corpses
sewer filled with your bitch mourning
stab you with the scalpel like it's intentional malpractice
in the night i'm showing nothing but fucking malice
bitch it be that dressed in all black assassin
take the blade and cut your collarbone just to show i'm never slacking
he coughing up blood with his pupils full of regret
prismboyz be the set
let any nuisance fall into eternal rest
they don't learn when hit em with the lightning
feeling like a titan
cut him and sever him leave his corpse scattered in a deserted island
pistol pack
in a sack
bullet hit his 4th chamber
now he twitching motherfucker don't know how act
i told you once and i told you twice
my mind and heart is filled with black ice
put all these mindless robots in a anaconda vice
the fuck you thought
you all are missing the plot
you still can't can't the story to fasten
these pawns are too vacuous
to process my tactics
that's why they never lasting
as the army brings in the trojan horse
i'm on a balcony eating grapes laughing until my voice turns hoarse
nihilistic towards the shit that you say
wondering why i don't fuck with you now are feeling dismayed
paths diverge
and i'm on the verge of becoming the one who shall kill the herd
and attach a fucking megaphone to voice of the unheard
you bitch
Track Name: Paralysis+ (prod. by vegard veslelia)
seems like everything changes when you reach a certain point
feels like all that's left to do is nothing but disappoint
but bitch i'm by the salted rocks where the waves clashes
the only time you can see me is when the lightning flashes
unknown to the world that you see
your body lost in paralysis when I walk by you shouldn't even be fucking with me
snow balancing on my pen
my hands barely have any feeling
your're listening to the thoughts of a man who gives not one ounce of a fuck about conformity
frozen fruits falling off my vines
used to take whatever thread of pain and put in a line
hang up and try again
calls disconnected
this is where this conversation ends
this is where the plot thickens
with such precision
type of shit that makes you question living

but it's ok
i'll still be the same person til my very last fucking day
holographic visions
i see the transparent and the fiction