colossus of a vagabond

by Kevin Okami

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"a project that was planned in the summer, written and recorded in the fall, and released in the winter"



released December 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Kevin Okami Greenville, South Carolina

lil misfortune | prismworld.

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Track Name: pierce me, standing in the firegarden
deadpilot with the decension
give the reaper mental scars hope i sound pretentious
motherfuckers think they so bold
i'll let you get a glimpse of my tortured soul
make you wanna play russian roulette with your internal organs
but fuck all that i'm focused
i ain't shit so i'm chilling with the locusts
but that gives me the motivation
to get the fuck up out of my current position
that's why i spit sick shit
feel like i'm in a pit
let this be a new testament
as to why i don't seem heaven sent
people seem to piss me off internally
but i don't give a fuck
if i ever was where i want to be i would never yo ass give a buck
because you never saw what i saw
your vision was tampered
never handled
everything you ever spit was useless ramble

and i can end shit even if it never started
blood falling off my blade leaving whoever watching startled
despair in my eye as i'm pierced standing in the firegarden

crack my fingers then i proceed to sever anybody in your section
when i step
looking like a figure of death
fold a nigga like origami
wolf in woods like okami
i don't speak to sheep
especially police
fucking with me
will leave you disintegrated
literally annihilated
release your soul from your body
straight slaughter shit
as i enter the matrix
on another level
you say you driving foreign whips
when in reality you living like piss
hood over my head looking like a executioner
undertaker, graveyard massacre
Track Name: synergy
stuck in a cloud of depravity
walking around full of apathy
i reached the consensus that i feel that my deepest shadows is after me
took a slow fall into the great unknown
that realization of yourself and your environment will leave your mind blown
the plants all have cysts
the film is fading out
whatever we had is now suffering from a terrible drought
put that depression in the sun
water that anxiety and then you are done
enlightenment is equal to photosynthesis
this is just a audio postcard hope to see you whenever you get this
still failing to grasp your hand
when ever we have a conversation
yung piece of shit strikes again
looking at me will make you want to play world's smallest violin
i have no intention of conforming to your emotion
as water leaks from the ceiling
i get this distant feeling
as a knife rips through my flesh
surely you must've thought violence was best
as i lay to rest
wishing you would go to hell
seams through these wicked verses

pain is a mystery of a feeling isn't it
Track Name: rareform w/ misogi
kick your corpse into the bonfire
standing posted in fucking zion
i'm majestic like a lion
lethalogist spitting medicine in my apothecary
weak rappers can get carried and buried
can't copy my flow because the shit varies
mind is replenished nigga i got the body of exodia
you really don't want me to go toe to toe with ya
and me and my niggas don't even fuck with ya
you're dancing with a lyrical devil
with spiritual wicked visuals
it's the fucking prismboyz we empirical
with the mic as my haven
these hoes don't need saving
i'm like musashi miyamoto with the blade
when i'm falling into the eternal shade
pussy nigga i see through you
fight with the elements like i'm kakuzu
fucking bitches in that 1997 isuzu
standing in that alleyway with bloodlust in my eye like i'm thorfinn
high of endorphin's
it doesn't matter there's nothing more i can do for ya
spear you like it's ushio and tora bitch
see me looking immaculate
windbreaker on speed o' sound sonic cracking sound barriers
these fools got me cackling
bitch better back back
ya pussy not worth shit i had to hit that shit while wearing a hazmat
bitch i'm glowed up like a holographic pokémon card with the moonlight shining on it
calling out the fakes like i'm stain
numb from all the pain
in my ears why all these rappers sound the same
enter steins gate with a katana
while fucking kitana
in the back of a honda
don't come to me with the drama
this ain't a fucking soap opera
oh you wanted me to give a fuck wait hold on
let me deposit this empathy into your emotional account and it's gone