by Kevin Okami

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released September 22, 2015



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Kevin Okami Greenville, South Carolina

lil misfortune | prismworld.

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Track Name: Emperor's Eye
flower blossoms to ashes
new person sold his soul to the masses
walking into the fucking abyss
black aura covers me
homicide multiplied 2x worldwide
now you're body numb from the panic and anxiety
fuck you're notoriety
you still can get killed just like the last human
eyes like a dead fish call me gintoki
little fantasy wannabe rich nigga I'll leave you roasted
i be that halfway posted in purgatory
seeing dead people locked in history
nigga with an dead ambition
talking to my Aphrodite about taking these impostors out of commission
it's just me and my brothers no one else to betray me
look into your soul like fuck you pay me
i don't give a fuck what you're all about as long as you stay the fuck
out my way
all of my enemies can drown in a pool of despair
fuck being fair
i can show you an abyss and afterwards leave you gasping for air