Chromium w/ Howl Castel (prod. by mana)

from by Kevin Okami

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a man who lost his mind decided to take a walk in the woods
he met a random goddess and she said sir i don't think you should
he didn't listen so he started seeing visions of his childhood
this is story of a man's humanity who has been misunderstood
we don't sound alike peep the fucking nuance
feeling spiritual as i spit this seance
check the cadence
stop acting like i'm your acquaintance
breathe for a little, now continue to choke like these rappers i guess they all fainted
everyday i wake up with a mind full of mischief
i came up with no assistance
now it's just me and brothers killin' shit with the quickness
relentless when i let every sentence haunt you
this bitch had the nerve to lie so i made her commit seppuku
back at it
with the savage rapping
yung hiroshima when i'm attacking
it be that flagrant packing
with the blade dripping souls like water
bastard from the underworld
rap game slaughter bitch

howl castel

born to be a psychedelic motherfucker i be all up in my brain
fucking with my inner ambition now i'm busting all up in my frame
bitch you gonna feel my pain
had to come dropping the flame
you hearing my music and now you influence you'll never ever be the same
i can't believe all the lies that they feeding the masses
had to get out of them classes
started bumping with my homies
now we travel around the country
killin' a show and i'm building the dough
had to go and get on the road
the money is calling
and i am not stalling so bitch i be up in my mode
minds analytical
beyond the physical
i'm hearing your music
you sounding so simple bitch
i should just plead the fifth
nah fuck it
i came bring out the ruckus
i'm done with all of you puppets
the earth is spinning in orbits
i got no remorse for these robots
we're dead walking corpses


from FLESH​/​HOLD EP, released June 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Okami Greenville, South Carolina

lil misfortune | prismworld.

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