Everything is Fruitless At This Point (prod. by gin​$​eng)

from by Kevin Okami

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bitch don't talk to me like you above me
creepin' in the fog ready to let my fiends out
don't give you fuck what you talking about
bitch fuck your clout
hitstick with that combo
uppercut a fuck nigga if he wanna talk shit
don't give a fuck all my niggas buck
underground passages filled with corpses
sewer filled with your bitch mourning
stab you with the scalpel like it's intentional malpractice
in the night i'm showing nothing but fucking malice
bitch it be that dressed in all black assassin
take the blade and cut your collarbone just to show i'm never slacking
he coughing up blood with his pupils full of regret
prismboyz be the set
let any nuisance fall into eternal rest
they don't learn when hit em with the lightning
feeling like a titan
cut him and sever him leave his corpse scattered in a deserted island
pistol pack
in a sack
bullet hit his 4th chamber
now he twitching motherfucker don't know how act
i told you once and i told you twice
my mind and heart is filled with black ice
put all these mindless robots in a anaconda vice
the fuck you thought
you all are missing the plot
you still can't can't the story to fasten
these pawns are too vacuous
to process my tactics
that's why they never lasting
as the army brings in the trojan horse
i'm on a balcony eating grapes laughing until my voice turns hoarse
nihilistic towards the shit that you say
wondering why i don't fuck with you now are feeling dismayed
paths diverge
and i'm on the verge of becoming the one who shall kill the herd
and attach a fucking megaphone to voice of the unheard
you bitch


from FLESH​/​HOLD EP, released June 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Okami Greenville, South Carolina

lil misfortune | prismworld.

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