Trichiliocosm (prod. by Alchem)

from by Kevin Okami



whenever i spit it's a breath of fresh of air
whenever you spit you just pollute the whole atmosphere
give no fuck about a consequence
hit him with the hand of a god he thought he was heaven sent
he can't get up
call me yung life alert
leave a nigga slumped
for the life of me i cant figure why these niggas think that they are doing everything first
you are not the originator you just a damn faker
simple carbon copy of some bullshit
bitch i'm chilling on porch
looking like a young patrick bateman
fuck being famous
i'm busy trying to be nameless
my social anxiety doesn't allow this shit
so if a nigga try to fuck with me he getting hit
snowfall on my mind thoughts are frozen
bitch I'm sippin' the potion
moving in slow motion
with the birds eye view like it's assassin's creed
no simple minded nigga can fuck with me
now this parking lot is looking narrow
run up on me and your eye can meet this bow and arrow
prism engraved on my mind and heart
always receiving information
never think in the dark
and i'm coasting in the shadow realm like the pharaoh
meditating while corpses lay around me
on the mic i spit solarbeams
feeling sedated
fuck your information
i don't give a fuck what you have to say bitch my time is wasting
lock you in three thousand worlds bitch
where death will be infinite
you cannot escape unless there is a fucking glitch
fuck with me and i'll leave you in a ditch
so don't ever think you the shit


from FLESH​/​HOLD EP, released June 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Okami Greenville, South Carolina

lil misfortune | prismworld.

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