Now We're Talking w/ $uavé (prod. by BYOU​$​)

from by Kevin Okami

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pussy nigga you a walking a lick
i was born from the pits
you not intimidating shit
i am the glitch and whatever needs to be fixed
these rappers are a nuisance
come close to me and i might just lose it
i don't rap i just speak with a tone of despair
guillotine droppin' heads flying in the air
i really don't care what the fuck a nigga thought
like i give a shit what you wear and what you fucking bought
yung flesh wound cut a nigga up leave his body in sewer
public suicide shouts out to budd dwyer
conspiracy theory will leave you jumping out of buildings
you don't fuck with my music i'm kicking you the fuck out of my four seat
i am not a rapper i am king
prismboyz on the rvz we getting the cream, bitch


prismboyz on the rvz we getting to the cream
creeping and lurking
and searching for certain
never no frontin'
that 12 guage be pumpin' and slumpin'
my trap always jumpin'
sesh with the set
i'm the young vet
killing this shit with the yung flesh
grippin' the tech
never take threats
we aim at your neck
chasing the cream by any means
roll up the green
a-r with the green beam
bust you in your spleen
i extort the dope
strictly coke
never snort
i just dab
trippin' off them tabs
psilocybin got my mind in them astral planes
boy you a lame
you can't fuck with this flame
shout out to yung $uave


from FLESH​/​HOLD EP, released June 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Okami Greenville, South Carolina

lil misfortune | prismworld.

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